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Clearworld Suppliers was established in late 2012, a young and dynamic business with their Head Office situated in Cape Town. Specialising in a range of premium imported Italian food products and beverages, including the internationally recognised mineral waters S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, Clearworld Suppliers range continues to grow year-on-year as its reputation in the import sector gains traction as a market leader.

The company has a national distribution network which services the retail and hospitality sector across South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The distribution network policy guarantees that deliveries are done within 2 days of orders placed, dependent on the location of the client and deliveries in outlying areas take between 2-4 days.


S.Pellegrino flows from the source in San Pellegrino Terme, 70km from Milan at the foothills of the Italian Alps after a 30 year journey through this terroirs rocks. Rich in minerals with a fine bubble and natural carbonation for a pleasant and balanced taste.

S.Pellegrino is the leading sparkling natural mineral water recognised worldwide for its heritage, quality, taste and dedication to fine dining.  

S.Pellegrino was first bottled in 1899.

S.Pellegrino is shipped to more than 120 countries, appreciated by Chefs and Sommeliers around the world, as well as enjoyed on tables at home.


Acqua Panna emerges from a spring situated 800 metres above sea level on the slopes of Tuscan Apennines. Bottled after a 15-year journey through the rocks.

Low in mineral content with a smooth and velvety taste.

Acqua Panna was discovered by the Medici family in 1564.

The home of Acqua Panna is at Villa Panna Estate, which is situated in a conservatory.

Acqua Panna is the official still mineral water for tasting wines of the ASI, Association de la Sommellerie Internationale.

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